A purpose-filled, creative safe haven,
dedicated to maintaining a platform,
aimed to inspire, motivate, and empower
women from every path.
— Lady Tee The Difference



Artistically changing the game with her self empowering views, demand of respect, and nonconformity.
— Word Is Bond

"The Difference"

Born and raised in Inglewood, California, LADY TEE THE DIFFERENCE is just that, The Difference - and with the use of her self-empowering views, demand of respect, and nonconformity, it’s obvious why many are saying she’s artistically changing the game. 


If you follow her, or have had the chance to attend any of her events, you’ll know she’s not just doing this for herself. It’s much more than that, and with her newly released Independent Album being entitled “STRICTLY FOR MY WOMEN”, it’s pretty clear who she’s doing it for.


With songs like “IN MY OWN LANE”, Lady Tee not only takes pride in staying true to herself, but also encourages others to do the same. She also addresses the over-glorified acceptance of women being referred to as b*tches, in her single- “I AINT YO B!TCH”. In her exact words -“No matter how you try to say it, I’ma take offense. Aint no compliment in calling me a bitch”.  


Because of her edgy, yet positive approach, not only has Lady Tee been placed in a category of her own, but she also quickly landed a spot on the Recording Academy’s GRAMMYS Consideration List for both 2018, and 2019.


These early recognitions, is nothing that Lady Tee takes for granted. Instead, she’s extremely grateful that her message is accepted by so many, and remains focused to make a difference for women from all different paths.


Her adamance to stay in her own lane, not only comes from being a nonconformist, but also from her hands on experience within the corporate side of the music business.


Prior to focusing solely on her music career, Lady Tee's 9-5 days were spent working closely with Label Presidents and C-Level Execs of Sony, Warner, and Universal Music Group. As one may imagine, she ultimately gained the knowledge and insight, that many artists would give their all to have.


Adding all of her Music Business knowledge, in addition to her passion for Hip Hop, Lady Tee has conjured the recipe to make a difference. In her song  “STRICTLY FOR MY WOMEN” , she says – “I do it for my get money women, and the ones in them trenches/ The ones that’s struggling  and the ones big living”, and after listening to her album, and following her movement, you’ll agree, she’s an inspiration that does just that!




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